Bike Fit  


I got to the bike shop early for my fit. I entered the store like it was my first day at school, only I was wheeling my bike and carrying my shoes and not carrying books or a backpack. A few cyclist were gathering for an evening ride and talking bike speak with the shop staff, who were smiling, answering questions and wishing the clock to get to six, so they could leave. The seasoned cyclists seemed just like the older kids at school, confident, uninterested in the new kid and all saying “yes they already knew everything that others were telling them”. So I wandered to the back of the shop and started to look at all the advanced cycling machines on display. I felt like the real cycling newbie. Finally, the “older kids” left and I was left in the shop with Rudy alone.

“A laser was lined up to my knees and feet. My shoes removed, altered and returned.”

Rudy was instantly a guy I liked. He was an enthusiast, a real cyclist, friendly. We talked, he measured and I turned and sat in any direction he asked. Rudy stretched my leg, shook it, stretched again and measured. All these measurements were entered into a computer while Rudy and I talked Manchester United football (yes the real football the whole world plays).

Then it was time to mount a bicycle version of a mechanical bull. No it wasn’t designed to buck and throw you off, but it was possible to automatically move your position, turn you around and film your pedalling technique 360 degrees. So I rode this machine for a while. A laser was lined up to my knees and feet. My shoes removed, altered and returned. The seat moved back and forwards until I looked like a cyclist, pedalling away in perfect position. Well as close to perfect as possible with my 55 year old, overweight body sat on this finely tuned, lightweight performance machine. Anyway, all the measurements were transferred to my own bike and a few minutes of riding on my now improved, trusty steed and it was done.

Tomorrow is a rest day, but I might just go for a quick spin as I am eager to feel my new riding position and hopefully experience some biking comfort at last. I would highly recommend a proper bike fit for anyone, as you don’t realize how much better you ride and how much you reduce the chance of injury with a properly fit bike.

Thanks Rudy and all at TriBikeRun.