So now I have found out what a hashtag actually is, how and why a social media page needs to refresh. Geotagging, linking, liking, sharing and blocking have a new meaning for me now. Yes, I have been delving into the world of “social media”.


It all started when I noticed I had posted a page on the blog but when I looked at it on my phone I didn’t see the fruits of my work. After some choice words and frustration from me, Deirdre calmly told me to try refreshing the page. Even though I thought it was me who needed the refreshment, I asked “how do I do that?”. So apparently the little symbol that looks like a C with an arrowhead, that sits quietly on the far right of the internet address bar, is actually a refresh button. Once pressed my work appeared and life was good again. Later I wondered if everyone else might have this problem or was I the last person to find out that this can happen due to a cache, widget or maybe even gremlins. This all led me to read about being able to automatically refresh pages using code on your blog site. Now realizing I had strayed far enough into the unknown land of tech for me to really mess things up if I tried to use any of my recent findings myself, I sent a message to the guys at Driven to maybe have a look at this.


If your like me, one internet search can start a chain reaction that can lead anywhere. Refreshing media led to blogging, then hashtags and geotagging. How much fun can be had wandering aimlessly around the land of google. So with all this in my head and the thought of how to actually help the Waldenstrom’s community, I spent some time as my own naive PR/Media agent let loose on an IPad. I started with a couple of hashtags on an Instagram post. This sort of worked but not quite how I had intended. What I had failed to find out is that the words you choose might not lead you to the audience you want to share with. It is times like this I really feel like hiring a teenager to come and live with us. My nephews and nieces can magically get anything on the TV in seconds, watch films on their phones and computers or know that a meme is not a double me typing error. So tagging my post Coast2Coast  actually linked it to some rappers, coastal artists and a South Dakota Baseball team, instead of finding people who might enjoy the idea of crossing the country on a pedal bike. So back to Google and now a search for relevant hashtags for my cause.


Over the next few weeks as we wind our way from coast to coast I am sure I will learn many new things to add to my new found knowledge of hashtags.

#newfriends #manymiles #backroads #lifeinthesaddle #badgrammer