Two weeks today we will be flying to LA. Hard to believe how fast these past few months have flown bye. Now I alternate from excited to nervous and back again daily. Every time I see hills on the road or TV, I’m thinking “could I climb that on my bike or will it be hell”. Other times I’m excited to think about getting going on new roads with varying views and features, as opposed to the familiar long training routes I have worn away since August. My last real training weekend was a 6 and then a 7 hour ride, back to back, in the hills of Clermont. It was a chance to do two long days with hills and some steep gradients. I have done plenty of 3 and 4 consecutive volume days before, but this was more like a two day actual ride weekend. When I have mentioned timed rides in my posts, it is always the actual time riding and doesn’t include any stops or breaks, I even pause my Garmin at traffic lights while I wait for a green light. We don’t attempt specific distances as to be honest that can change dramatically due to terrain, wind or even traffic. I have learned already that a ride of 40 miles with 5,000ft of climbing can be way more impressive and very much harder than a flat century with a tailwind. Well with that said I managed 13.5 hours on the bike, 174.6 miles ridden and 7,700 ft of climbing, but who is counting?

(see Claremont story here)

So now I hope the weather calms down across the USA and the snows have gone for the summer. I have 18 more days to ride, pack my two CrossRoads duffel bags and think of all that is ahead of me. After just over 8 months since my first 9 mile trip, I hope the 4,000+ miles I have ridden since then, are enough to have me ready for all that is to come.

Mentally I feel good about the adventure before me and the training behind. Cycling has helped me get used to having a lymphoma without any self pity or depression, by taking my mind away from the disease and concentrating on how I feel and the effects of the exercise. Waldenstrom’s is what it is and I can’t change that, I can now look at it with a clear and positive mind as I am now as fit as probably I have ever been. Time has been filled and well spent doing something fun and positive, which is for me, the best treatment I can possibly have.