Recipes and Cooking


Cooking and using recipes has now become part of my life. I have always cooked and actually come from a long line of cooks. My Nan was a great cook and spent her life growing and making every type of food you could imagine. Her garden was her life and to be honest I never remember her going on holiday much as there was always something to be planted, harvested or cooked.

My Mother was also a great cook. She actually was the cook at a country estate in the Cotswolds for the first nine or ten years of my life. Both of these women loved recipes and kept folded magazine cuttings, written notes or pictures of things they may someday make.

For purely sentimental reasons I kept a lot of them, more because I loved my Mothers handwriting than because I was going to try the recipes.

Now I am concerned with what I eat and what the meals are made from due to my Waldenstrom’s, pre-diabetes and cycling. I also now work with a world class nutritionist Jillian who understands and works with World Class Endurance cyclists.

Hopefully I can share some of the things I learn along the way and, like my mother and nan, share some of the great or fun recipes along the way.

If you want to share recipes also then send me a comment and put recipe in the subject line.

More to come ….