A Half Century

So, 250 days to go before I head out from LA to Boston on my bike, but whose counting! To help commemorate this day, I rode my first half-century for over 5 years. I have a long way to go (literally) but this is a milestone, not just for my legs but also my mind. Over the next 250 days a ride like this has to become a normal spin out, as 85 miles will be my daily average on the actual tour. However it’s progress from my first 10 mile ride a month ago.

Every week I have tried to increase the length of rides and time on the saddle. What I had forgotten, since my first escapade with distance cycling, is that it’s your shoulders and hands that really need to get used to the hours on the bike. The constant vibrations from the road and weight from your body pushing down, puts a lot of stress on your shoulders, wrists and palms. I am getting stronger, lighter and more determined than ever, that this is all for the good. As a secondary benefit I am thinking that this increased arm, shoulder and hand strength will also benefit my golf game in the future.

So even though I sit here a little fatigued, I also sit here satisfied that my adventure is progressing mile by mile.