Indianapolis, IN to Richmond, IN

72.5 miles


Well there is not much I can say about todays ride apart from we got onto I 40 after 7 miles and then cycled 65 miles to the hotel. The road was fine and we did have a tailwind for a decent amount of the time.


I think most of us were trying to save as much energy as possible as tomorrow we have our last century ride followed by a couple of long rides with climbing. We did travel through Dublin but unfortunately this Dublin was very small, without a pub or Guinness so a little disappointing.



Once I got to the hotel I put the TV on for the first time since I left LA on May 13th to watch the US Open golf. I have to admit this is the one major I watch the least as to be honest I don’t find it fun watching these guys struggle with borderline conditions every year. However it did make me think that I will be able to get back to playing in a couple of weeks, once I have recovered from this journey. It also means that I will be able to resume my top 100 golf courses of the world quest which will mean some more planning and travel over the next couple of years hopefully.



So I am sorry tonight’s post is so short but to be honest it was just that sort of day. We rode 72 miles pretty much in a straight line on one road. The next 4 rides should be more exciting with 387 miles (all 4 over 90 miles) and 11,500 ft of climbing.