It is sort of hard to believe that ‘My Big Adventure’ is over. I made it riding Irma from LA to Boston and dipped her wheels in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Early this morning we stood outside the hotel looking at our maps and setting off on our bikes. However today was different. This was our last ride, a short ride, a parade. The seventeen miles through the traffic passed in a sort of blur for me. In some ways it seemed like the start of a normal day riding but in another way this was the end.

 When we arrived at Revere Beach there were plenty of family and friends to welcome us on what was truly a beautiful morning. I will share the pictures when we get them from a professional photographer that Deirdre had hired to capture the day. We had done this once before and knew that it was well worth the money. When I played in the Outback Pro AM in Tampa a few years ago we hired a professional photographer and I have some of the best memories ever captured in pictures that a friend or family member just could never take.

 So that was it. The Fat Lady had started singing and before you knew it the song was done and my trip was over. I will post again as I reflect on the journey and all that it meant to me over the next few weeks. Not daily as following across a nation might be entertaining but to hear about my visit to Publix to buy groceries or cleaning out the cart garage might not be so enthralling. A bit like the start of the blog I am guessing a post a week for a while and then who knows.

I do not want to say THE END quite yet as I think how this will all feel in a day or two might be quite interesting (at least for me anyway). Today it is sort of strange seeing faces I have seen every day for almost two months and thinking I probably wont see them again. Not having to ride tomorrow and knowing my bike is heading to Florida. These and many other feelings that come with returning back to normal life are starting to take over from the idea of simply cycling from A to B each and every day as safely and enjoyabley as possible.

 Thanks for sharing your time with me and Irma and hopefully you will drop by once in a while to see how we are doing.