Irma is Home

This post was made last weekend but not posted (sorry I got busy getting my life back). I am going to post later this week as I have a couple of days up at the Mayo having bloods done, doing a TV and other media interviews so hopefully I will have some fun stuff to tell you then. I am also going to adjust the navigation on the blog as some of my friends didn’t quite get how to move back and forward around the blog to get the full story in order. My thank you cards have arrived so for all those who donated one will be heading your way soon and thanks again. For anyone else who wants to donate you can still donate as we will keep the donation page open until the media blitz is over. Hopefully we can get past the $50k mark.


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Last Week

Today I fetched Irma back from the bike spa which is Tri-Bike-Run in Juno beach. After being packed up into a box back in Boston, Irma travelled to Florida care of Bike Flights to the bike shop. The guys at the store put Irma back together and gave her the once over after her long vacation across the country. So tomorrow I will clip into the pedals and we can once again go for a ride together and celebrate our big adventure. Thanks all at TBR for all your help and support over the year and for the shout-out on your social media today.


I spent the weekend sleeping, eating and watching the Tour de France and still can not believe how good these guys are. To think they cycle twice as fast as the Colonel is unbelievable. I know that over the years I have told anyone who wants to listen how good golf professionals are compared to the very best amateurs and I guess this is just the same. TV often makes the armchair viewer believe sports are easier than they actually are. When someone is at the top of any sport they tend to make it look easy, it is not easy trust me. Seeing a peloton of over 100 riders riding within inches of each other at speeds of 25-35 mph is hard for me to believe. It took all my concentration to ride in a group of five riding at 15-20 mph on a wide straight road in single file. Sorry I digress into the realms of TV and professional sport.


It it has been hard to get back into any sort of routine so far. It has been almost a year now since my life was taken over by cycling. Now I am a little bit lost as to what I should be doing. The ride gave me a goal to focus on and now I need to decide when and how much to ride just to keep some of this new fitness up.


Finally for now I have actually started to organize my photographs and videos. I am really looking forward to going over all of them slowly with a coffee to begin to relive the journey this time off the bike. Some of the ride was over before you could take it in and another day took over. Now I get a chance to look back and ponder, remember and relive each moment I have captured.