Dodge, KS to Great Bend, KS

84 miles

Today was hard, really hard. I know if you look at the map, gradients or anything else you want to todays ride looked easy enough. What you can not see is a crosswind with some hurt that turned into a headwind of 20-30 mph for all of the 84 miles. To put things into perspective today was my longest ride ever if you take it on a time basis. Yes todays 84 miles took longer than the 117 mile ride from Blythe to Wickenburg. My average speed was only around 10.9 mph which is no fun at all.

With the wind blowing and the riding hard work there wasn’t a lot to see riding through the flat farmlands of Kansas today. I really couldn’t ride with anyone else as with strong crosswinds I didn’t feel that safe around others as the gusts of winds hit us from the side or a passing truck would alter the wind to slap you hard as it passed. So no choice but to switch off your mind somewhat, settle in for a long day of pedaling and try to occupy yourself for around 8 hours until you get to the next hotel, this time in Great Bend, KS.

I am really tired and have been trying to think of something fun to write for over an hour now but just cant get the right words out of my head in a decent combination to be at all entertaining. So I hate to do this but I am going to have to promise you a good post and some stories tomorrow. As its almost 11pm and we get up at 5:30 am I don’t think I have a choice tonight.