At 9 am sharp I headed down with Irma to have her inspected by the Crossroads Cycling Adventures team, who want to make sure our bikes are fit for purpose and safe for the journey to Boston. Dana, one of the owners of Crossroads took Irma off my hands, and with another mechanic, gave her a full physical. It’s a good job they didn’t test me. As the mechanics tested the bikes gears, brakes and other bits, I wandered around the room chatting to anyone who looked my way. The room was full of bikes (all the major brands, all sorts of sizes and colours),  and full of smiling and excited riders. It will be fun to see what state our bikes and bodies are in when we all get to Boston. So I chatted with lots of people. Again, I did my best to not to talk too much with the excitement of meeting a lot of new people. Like yesterday I failed. I have always been the same since I was a young child. I talk a lot when I meet people. It is just my enthusiasm for life, and for sharing stories and experiences that have made my own life so full and fun. My problem is that as soon as someone mentions a place or event, my mind remembers a story about something similar and out it comes! Oh well, at least with a blog you can turn me off when you get tired or need a rest. My fellow riders on the other hand will have to put up with my smiling face and stories for another seven weeks.

The good news is that Irma passed her inspection and is good to go!

In the late afternoon I decided to stretch my legs and take Irma for a spin. Off we went down to Manhattan Beach along the same route we will take early on Sunday morning. Today, I rode it alone and just for fun. On Sunday, the ride will be for real, mile one and beyond of the tour.  After getting to the beach on Sunday, we’ll dip our wheels in the Pacific Ocean, pose for loads of photographs, and  and then head out on a bike ride that will last 48 days! The first mile or so of the ride are uphill from the Ocean. Not being a big fan of surprises, I decided to ride the first stage just to check it out. The good news is it was fine!

This evening we met up with some great friends who live in Pasadena Dave and Julianne, and went to a great restaurant Rock ‘N’ Fish in Manhattan Beach. Not quite the last supper, it was great to have a relaxed night only yards from where we will dip our wheels in the ocean on Sunday and not think about the cycling.