So the ride is here. The wait is over and all of my training done. It is just over 9 months since I got my ‘old bike’  out of the garage and started this journey to Boston.


According to my Garmin these are the cycling facts and figures from my first ride on August 4th to the start line of the trip:

Miles cycled  – 4,640

Total calories burned – 185,556

Longest ride – 101 miles

Most miles in month – 780


These are not really that impressive when compared to long time experienced cyclists. However, for a guy who started from scratch i am proud that I stuck with it and pushed myself every day.


The full group met for the first time this afternoon. Everyone got to introduce themselves, say what cycling experience they have, and why they are riding from LA to Boston. I am always amazed by people and their stories and today didn’t disappoint. For some this is not their first trip across the USA on a bike. Many have always wanted to do this ride and have finally taken the plunge. Not all are going the whole way and a couple will be joining us later to do the eastern section of the tour. A few are raising money for different charities and a some are riding in honor of friends or family no longer with us. It all made for a fascinating couple of hours. As the ride unfolds, I am sure I will get to know most if not all of the riders and their individual stories. Today was more like a taster or preview of who we all are and why we are all here.


The ride starts early tomorrow and my “Big Adventure” finally begins.